Change takes time

‘Achieving genuine happiness may require bringing about a transformation in your outlook ,your way of thinking ,and this is not a simple matter.The systematic training of the mind -the cultivation of happiness,the genuine inner transformation by deliberately selecting and focusing on positive mental states and challenging negative mental states ,is possible because of the very structure and function of the brain.We are born with brains that are genetically hard wired with certain instinctual behavior patters;we are predisposed mentally,emotionally,and physically to respond to our environment in ways that enable us to survive.These basic sets of instructions are encoded in countless innate nerve cell activation patterns,specific combination of brain cells that fire in response to any given event,experience,or thought.But the wiring in our brains is not static,not irrevocably fixed.Our brains are also adaptable.Neuroscientists have documented the fact that the brain can design new patterns,new combinations of nerve cells and neurotransmitters(chemical that transmit message between nerve cells)in response to new input.In fact ,our brains are malleable ,even changing ,reconfiguring their wiring according to new thoughts and experiences.And as a result of learning ,the function of individual neurons themselves change,allowing electrical signals to travel along them more readily.Scientists call the brain’s inherent capacity to change ‘plasticity’.

Everything is process of learning.When times goes on ,you can make positive changes.TIME IS A GIFT.DON’T WASTE IT.

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