LIfe is an ECHO.What you send out comes back.What you sow,you reap.What you give,you get.What you see in others ,exists in you.

Once a dog ran into a museum filled with mirrors.The museum was very unique,the walls,the celling,the doors and even the floors were made of mirrors.Seeing his reflection ,the dog froze in surprise in the the middle of the hall.He could see a whole pack of dogs surrounding him from all sides,from above and below.

The dog bared his teeth and barked all the reflections responded to it in the same way.Frightened,the dog barked frantically,the dog reflections imitated the dog and increased it many times.The dog barked even harder ,but the echo was magnified.The dog ,tossed from one side to another while his reflections also tossed around snapping their teeth.

Next morning, the museum security guards found the miserable,lifeless dog,surrounded by thousands of reflections of the lifeless dog.There was nobody to harm the dog.The dog died by fighting with his own reflections.

The world doesn’t bring good or evil on its own.Everything that is happening around us is reflections of our own thoughts ,feeling,wishes and actions.The world is a big mirror.So let’s strike a good pose!

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